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Hemorrhagic cysts are also referred to as blood cysts because blood is present in the fluid. They develop when a blood vessel breaks in the cyst and…

Hemorrhagic cysts are also referred to as blood cysts because blood is present in the fluid. They develop when a blood vessel breaks in the cyst and spills blood into it. Though they are generally harmless they can cause abdominal pain. The pain is usually located on one side of the body in the lower abdominal region. As the cyst fills with blood it can stretch very rapidly causing pain.

Ovarian cysts may cause complications when they rupture, hemorrhage, or twist. Complex cysts such as dermoid, endometrial, and cystadenoma cysts are more affected by complications than simple, follicular, or luteal cysts.

If the bleeding is confined within the ovary and is not released into the abdomen, a hemorrhagic cyst will form. This is simply a pocket of blood. Hemorrhagic ovarian cysts can also occur and regress, undetected, during a normal menstrual cycle. They may not require any treatment unless the doctor may say so otherwise. In cases where these cysts ruptures thereby causing pain, an open surgery or laparoscopy may be an option.

As there are many factors on which the origination of ovarian fibroids depends, the types of cysts also vary. The ovarian cysts are not uncommon in women, especially during their menstrual period. It is very common in women that the cysts originate in or on the surface of ovaries during their menstrual period. The different types of cysts that usually originate are Corpus Luteum Cyst, Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst, Dermoid Cyst and the Cervical Cyst. In this article, we will discuss about Hemorrhagic ovarian cysts in details of how they originate, their symptoms and how they can be cured.

These ovarian fibroids are functional in nature and contain or release blood. Normally, these types of cysts do not rupture but if they do then they release blood and the women may feel irritation in her pelvic region. These types of cysts do not require any type of intervention. Hemorrhagic cysts are experienced by almost all women at a certain period in their lives.

Treatments for hemorrhagic ovarian cysts are different from any other cysts. These are potentially more dangerous than common cysts. In a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, the blood vessel surrounding the wall of the cyst inside the ovary ruptures and this causes penetration of blood inside the cyst causing complexities. The blood vessel not only contains blood but also a mixture of fluids and hence hemorrhagic cysts are otherwise called blood cyst. Hemorrhagic cysts normally occur during the menstrual cycles and remain undetected for a long time. This is because women mistake the pain from cyst growth to be the period pain. Normally hemorrhagic cysts disappear after one or two menstrual cycle, requiring no treatments.

The unfortunate truth is that conventional methods used for treating hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, as well as all types of cysts, may give temporary relief of the current symptoms you may be experiencing, but they do not address the root of the condition, and if you’re prone to get cysts, there’s a very high probability that you’ll experience a recurrence of the condition. The absolute best way to address cysts as a whole, as well as hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, is to implement life-style changes to address the root cause of your condition. This approach will not only resolve your recurring cysts, but will contribute to an overall improved state of health.

The simple fact is that due to the harsh side effects of prescription meds and even sometimes painful surgeries, more and more women are opting for natural treatments to address their condition. Many, many women have seen some pretty outstanding results from these type of treatment plans.

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