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It can be really tough and painful to pass hard stool and there are a million reasons as to why this takes place. One of these reasons is constipati…

It can be really tough and painful to pass hard stool and there are a million reasons as to why this takes place. One of these reasons is constipation. It is mostly associated with gastrointestinal condition in which the stool becomes too tough and hard to be eliminated by natural means. So, to make this arduous process simple, there are many home remedies for constipation. This may result in infrequent bowel movements. In addition to that, this may cut the anus and the rectum which in turn may cause bleeding, hemorrhoids, pain and bleeding. This bowel disorder is usually common amongst older people and children. It also affects more than it affects men. The main cause of this disorder is dehydration or low-fiber diet.

The reason why most toxins rise in the blood stream is due to constipation. In the future, it may lead to diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, appendicitis, high blood pressure, cancer and even cataract. There are some noted symptoms that accompany constipation such as :

Rectal bleeding Abdominal pain Cramps Infrequent and irregular stool passage Vomiting Nausea Mouth ulcers Foul breath Coated tongue Acidity Depression Insomnia Headache Loss of appetite Pimples Dark circles under eyes

Sudden loss of weight

Although it has some serious repercussions, using home remedies for constipation, can help rectify this gastrointestinal malfunction. The major weapon against constipation is mostly, common sense.
Some easy pointers such as eating one’s meals on time and having a healthy diet. One must take in 8-10 glasses of water. One needs to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, in their diet. One should get enough rest, reduce their stress levels and exercise regularly as a part of the routine.

Another one of the sound home remedies for constipation, is to switch over from the heavily cooked vegetables to less cooked or semi-boiled vegetables. There are other solutions such as aloe vera juice consumption. One can drink half a cup of aloe vera juice in the morning or in the evening. However, one needs to drink in lot of water, post taking aloe vera juice.

The severity of constipation changes from person to person, but in most cases, it is a temporary matter. It usually resolves on its own when the diet is rectified by the “patient”. However repetitive constipation may be a problem and can indicate towards faulty diet. If this disorder is ignored, then it can cause complications over a period of time. Though there are various home remedies available, both for children and adults, in the case of the former, the doctor should be consulted.

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